Best habits.
Straight from the people you admire.

Headstart Journal is an app that lets you borrow habits of successful people and craft an ultimate daily routine.

Get a head start every day.

Headstart is a Journalling app with carefully crafted templates that make you focused on what's important. You can choose a template that Tim Ferriss or Tony Robbins use in their respective daily lives. You can go with a classic like Benjamin Franklin or you can choose one of our templates based upon motivational psychology research. You want to create or edit your own daily routine? Please do! And please share it - there are people that want to be like you!

Mindful practice

Journaling practice focused on mindfulness and gratitude carries powerful benefits to our mental, physical, and social health.

Day Hackers

Most successful people spent years tweaking their habits. Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, Benjamin Franklin? Their day can become yours!

Full live in 5 minutes

5 minutes. That's all it takes to remind yourself what is really important and fullfilling.

Better than coffee

Open your day with an uplifting and motivating prologue to enjoy the beautiful story you're about to discover.